Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Small Advances

Today's been one of those fantastic days where I'm going to bed smiling, happy that I managed to get lots done.

It strikes me that recently my life has featured lots of tiny progressions, the sum of which add up to something massive. Take my new job - I've been going in, working hard for 2 months. Each days achievements don't feel like much, but now at ladt I can a recognisable difference in my work, team and products.

I'm thankful that my relationship is incredibly strong too, always building new sides to it, as me and Crina experience more and more together. I love how our experiences are defining us - making us a bigger and better couple.

Made the small strides forwards continue!

Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Unexpected Arrivals

Bit of an odd one tonight. I arrived home from work to find a package waiting for me on the door step. Opening it up I find a Doctor Who unofficial spin-off called The White Witch Of Devil's End. Odd, because I didn't order it!

(Well, I added it to an Amazon basket. But then the bloody site crashed, and I didn't realise that... without my authorisation... it had checked out! Nevermind. I'd been meaning to pick it up anyway.)

Anyway - I watched it tonight. Included on disc 2 is a documentary I've always want to watch - from the days of Dad collecting Doctor Who on VHS - Return To Devil's End.

Yesterday, bizarrely I watched ANOTHER Doctor Who documentary that I've longed to see for 25 years, but had so far escaped me - The Colin Baker Years. Thanks to the Youtuber who loaded it!

Great to see both items over the space of 2 days. But having now viewed thgm both, and various other hard to see items over the years... I think this is it. I've seen everything of note from Doctor Who that's available.

Episodes. Documentaries. The lot.


Friday, 4 May 2018

New Approach

My life is increasingly busy, and I'm struggling to commit to properly writing this here blog. To save it suffering, I propose that a new approach is needed!

From now on, I'll post as often as I can - but maybe not in as much detail as you've seen before. No - I'll offer insights into my life, and what I'm doing. I hate to see important elements of my existence over loohed, just because I couldn't commit to writing things down.

Expect lots of scribbles before sleep.

I begin by telling you tonight that Crina is abroad, for a family wedding in Romania. I'm alone, but ok. See, I've signed up for Odeon Limitless - giving me unlimited access to new cinema releases.

Why, when I still have friends who work in cinema? Well, yes - but I can't keep exploiting them for comps, and nothing else. It's rude. Besides, increasingly there's less and less of my friends left at Vue.

No - they all work at Picturehouse!

(Who don't give out comps!)

Monday, 12 March 2018

Recent Things & Happenings

Yesterday was Mother's Day here in the United Kingdom, and to celebrate the occasion me and Crina headed to Fareham to spend some quality time with her parents. It was a lovely few days, with us cooking our own home-made Nandos' chicken and spicy rice on the Saturday and, yesterday, looking around the beautiful Leeds Castle which confusingly is based in, er, Kent.

Next weekend we're off travelling again, this time returning to Dover to see Great Aunt Barbara. Mum and my step-dad Dave are joining us too. As I didn't get to see Mum yesterday, this is my gift to her. She'll come down to London on Friday, and after Dover we'll get to spend a lovely few hours back in London on Sunday together.

At home I've been watching the drama American Crime Story: The Peeople Vs O.J. Simpson. I have to admit that it started off a little slow, but it's grown to become a very captivating piece of television that I look forward to watching every night! (In fact, as I type these very words, I'm in the midst of episode 8, which the focus on the Jury of the case.)

Meanwhile I'm down to my last week working in my current division at work. Yep... this time next week I officially move away from my role in the marketing division for ventures new. I have to admit that I'm a little sad at the prospect, not least because it means I won't be taking part in signings anymore. They've always been my favourite part of the job; meeting key creators of books and comics, getting to know them a little, and see them meet their public. But onwards and upwards. New chapter coming soon!

Talking of chapters:

1) I'm paused on my Dredd reading for a few weeks, as I catch up with his various spin-offs. Last week I caught up on the first half of Calhab Justice (er... I'm sorry to report that I struggled to understand it!). Much better is Armitage, which I started today and is enormous fun! I think I've hit a bit of a lull with the Dreddverse stuff (popular opinion does say the early 1990s are slim pickings) so when I get something new and great, like Armitage, I can at least appreciate all the more!

2) I've started to collect the Roald Dahl books! I've only bought The Witches so far, but I'm hoping to pick up a new edition every month. I remember reading these books when I was younger, and watching the film/TV adaptations, and their storytelling runs through my veins; informing my creativity, and very perception of the world. No, seriously! That's the power of good writing, and reading it when you're younger.

Thursday, 1 March 2018

Weighed Down

Before I moved to London my weight was pretty consistent; I was skinny! Since then - the back end of 2010 onwards - my weight has ballooned and ballooned. I've gone from just 10 stone in 2010, to 15 and a half stone at the conclusion to 2017. It all comes about due to a flawed diet, and over-eating. I'm not pretending otherwise - but equally need to acknowledge that I haven't done enough to get back down to a healthy weight (which, for a guy of my height should be 12 stone 12, or under).

Sure, I've dieted before. Back in 2015 after leaving Vue I went running, and cut all the crap out of my eating habits. It worked for a while - bringing me within touching distance of being classified as a healthy weight again. But I couldn't sustain it, and months later it was creeping back on me again. The same goes for those spells in both 2016 and 2017 where I again attempted to shed the pounds; I made a small victory, but ultimately lost the war.

I hinted before that I was overweight until the end of 2017, implying a more recent change. Well, yes! I'm very happy to report that I've successfully lost enough weight over the last two and a bit months that I am now - officially! - classed within the 'healthy' BMI range again. Whoop!

Two questions you might have:

1) How did I do it?

2) How did I do it, so quickly?


Back in 2009 I attempted a year long experiment to cut out all junk food, plus any unnecessary/unhealthy from my life. It worked brilliantly, and I felt so much better for it that I repeated the challenge in 2012 (successfully) and 2015 (not so much). Maintaining that 3-year cycle, I knew going into 2018 that I'd be cutting out the crap once again. And so I did!

That helped immensely, but alone wasn't enough. I had to take it one step further. So every 2 out of 3 days (on average) I go for a 20 minute long run, all around Woolwich - which stretches about 5km. I also refuse to snack between meals - meaning my day consistently consists of:

Breakfast - one Weetabix, and milk.
Lunch - half a pack of soup.
Dinner - any number of things, which...

...I try and cook from scratch! My girlfriend Crina is a fantastic help on this front. We cook together all the time - everything from soups, to breads, to curries, etc. Having unprocessed meals is definitely paying off dividends.

And so... as it currently stands... I'm officially 12 stone 12.


Well done me.

Next mission: keep the weight off, for good.