Sunday, 29 July 2018

Going Going Gone

Growing up, Dad was a bit of a collector. The most obvious example of that was his Doctor Who VHS buying. We literally had every single story from the show's original 26 year run, and it was a big deal whrn a new release came out. Off to the shops we'd pedel, buying it ASAP.

I inherited this particular gene, encouraged on by Dad. Quickly I found myself collecting Doctor Who Magazine, the DVDs, the toys, Big Finish, as well as anything else I stumbled across.

Over the years I've ammased a hell of a collection. Just a few short years ago, I could never imagine giving any of it up. But last time I moved house (summer 2015) I sold the books... and came to realise I could survive without them.

My habit of collecting is over. During my most recent round of ebaying goods I've traded in all my toys, magazines and DVDs.

Looking around my room now Doctor Who is no longer the primary thing you see. Infact, it's hidden away - just a couple of books here and there. I still love the show - but aged almost 30, it feels right not to be so obssessed and possessive over a television show.

Plus... trade ins helping me save up for a mortgage!

Thursday, 19 July 2018

My Travels, Joey & Ebay

Wow - that was one heck of a holiday! All in, we visited 6 cities in the space of just a few days - so the travel was quite labour intensive and I can live with not seeing another train or coach again for a fair while!

Me and my girlfriend Crina started our journey in London, before we headed back to my home city Manchester. Crina hasn't ever really explored the city there, so this was a good opportunity to do so. For the first time she met my extended family too - as a roster of aunts and uncles came out for a pub lunch to say hello to her. It also gave me opportunity to meet my step-niece Chloe for the first time. I don't visit often, and she's not been available since being born last December.

Crina liked it there, a lot. We're seriously considering moving there eventually - owing to cheaper house prices, and the more relaxed lifestyle. No decision has been made, and it's still some way off, so things might change - we'll see.

Next on our travel list was Budapest. A cock-up on our end meant we missed our original flight, and had an almost 24 hour delay for the next. It meant we lost a whole day in one of Europe's most beautiful cities. Ah well, one of those things. I said we'd go back.

The flight we eventually took actually wasn't to Budapest - but to another Hungarian city, Debrecen. Our time here was limited to pretty much just the airport and local buses - but boy, was it HOT when we arrived! I could feel my neck burning by the second. Crina enjoyed readng Hungarian words, not knowing how to decode them, as Hungarian is so far removed from either a Germanic or Latin based language. I told her some of only words I remembered from my time remember from dating a Hungarian years ago - egen and nem!

Our time in Budapest was short, but spent in the thermal baths, Heroes Square, eating langos and an Air BNB. Then before we knew it we off to the airport again, flying from capital to capital - heading out to Bucharest!

Now I've been to Bucharest a few times already this year. This visit was virtually a pass through too, before we got the 4 hour (!!!) train ride back to Crina's own home city, Craiova.

This visit to Craiova was lovely, as always. Crina's setting up a new business, so she got to show me details about that. We went to watch Ant-Man & The Wasp, which actually isn't out for another month in the UK. Oh, and the World Cup was playing during our visit - and England were, surprisingly, doing very well! I think it amused Crina how I became a football fan for the duration of the tournament.

On a travel to a local cave system, something amazing happened on the walk back to the car. I heard lots of meowing coming from the forest nearby, and implored me and Crina to go investigate. Upon doing so we discovered the most beautiful Kitten, abandoned by the roadside. Either its Mum had left it (we waited, but she was nowhere around) or more likely, the poor thing was dumped by its mother's owners. Naturally we couldn't stand to let the poor thing remain and probably die... so we rescued it, and took it home!

His name is Joey, and we're getting him transferred to the UK in August (hopefully!).

Now firmly back on UK soil, I've resumed my eBay selling. I just sold a whole bunch of Dalek toys, and the Paul McGann Doctor Who Movie poster I've had on my wall since childhood (maybe actually since 1996). But as ever, it's time to let these things go. There's more to life than possessions. As I keep saying to Crina, it's nice that my past is making money for our future together.

Onwards and upwards!

And when's the next holiday trip again?!

Tuesday, 26 June 2018

T-Shirts & Holidays

It's been a busy few weeks. My first DTR items were released in store today - a Rick & Morty design that plays homage to Forbidden Planet's iconic Brian Bolland 'People Like Us' poster. I'm particularly proud of this one, having devised the idea and literally pieced the design together. Incredible to see something that I created on sale across the UK.

Aside from that, I'm continuing to work on designs that will be released over the next 3-6 months. There are some really fantastic things in the works, all of which are a credit to my team and designers. It's a lot of hard work, but as the results start to pour in I'm very glad I took on this new position.

I'm on an extended holiday from Friday. Me and Crina venture up to Manchester to see family, and to let Crina properly explore the city. Shamefully, I've neglected home this year. This is only my second visit! Usually I'd have gone up at least four or five times by now. Oh dear. Will be good to reconnect with everybody - especially Dad, who I haven't spoken to since Christmas.

After that we're flying out to Budapest for a few days. I've loved the city since visiting in 2015, and thought it would be an excellent destination for me and Crina. We'll go off to the hot springs bath, try local food, and more. Lots of photos to follow - obviously!

Then, we cap the holiday time together with 5 days in Crina's home town Craiova. I can't wait to see the extended family again.

More soon.

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Small Advances

Today's been one of those fantastic days where I'm going to bed smiling, happy that I managed to get lots done.

It strikes me that recently my life has featured lots of tiny progressions, the sum of which add up to something massive. Take my new job - I've been going in, working hard for 2 months. Each days achievements don't feel like much, but now at ladt I can a recognisable difference in my work, team and products.

I'm thankful that my relationship is incredibly strong too, always building new sides to it, as me and Crina experience more and more together. I love how our experiences are defining us - making us a bigger and better couple.

Made the small strides forwards continue!

Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Unexpected Arrivals

Bit of an odd one tonight. I arrived home from work to find a package waiting for me on the door step. Opening it up I find a Doctor Who unofficial spin-off called The White Witch Of Devil's End. Odd, because I didn't order it!

(Well, I added it to an Amazon basket. But then the bloody site crashed, and I didn't realise that... without my authorisation... it had checked out! Nevermind. I'd been meaning to pick it up anyway.)

Anyway - I watched it tonight. Included on disc 2 is a documentary I've always want to watch - from the days of Dad collecting Doctor Who on VHS - Return To Devil's End.

Yesterday, bizarrely I watched ANOTHER Doctor Who documentary that I've longed to see for 25 years, but had so far escaped me - The Colin Baker Years. Thanks to the Youtuber who loaded it!

Great to see both items over the space of 2 days. But having now viewed thgm both, and various other hard to see items over the years... I think this is it. I've seen everything of note from Doctor Who that's available.

Episodes. Documentaries. The lot.