Saturday, 10 November 2018

The Queen's Birthday

The monarch has two birthdays a year: their actual one, and a celebratory one at a time of best convenience. Amusingly this year... Crina had two too!

Beyond her actual birthday celebrations late last month, we had a gathering of all her closest friends in central London tonight, at a swanky rooftop in Shadwell known as Skylight.

Yes it was November rainy, but it was great catching up with anybody. I get on well with Crina's friends. It's another strength of our relationship - as I've never got to know prior partner's friends all too well before. It's a nice feeling.

Jonathan turned up. I got to share some good news about a mutual friend being publidhed in 2000AD. More on that whrn her strip is published.

But anyhoo... two birthdays celebrated. Three cheers for Crina, the double birthday girl!

Wednesday, 7 November 2018

The Sneeze I Can't Achoo Out

I've had an idea called "Achoo!" stuck in my head for over a year now.

As a writer, it's a frustrating experience not being able to ceack an idea. Those you don't kinda get stuck there in that big nogging, clogging up my thoughts as they do.

I wrote an original draft of Achoo! back in the summer of 2017 but nobody - including myself - was particularly happy with the end result. It became clear it wasn't good enough.

I think the problem was it felt half-formed. A few months ago I thought up an idea to accompany the main story, and suddenly the thing felt like it was coming alive.

I haven't had much time to write of late; hence the delay in getting that new idea completely. I don't know what changed, but waking today my brain was buzzing with ideas again, encouraging me on.

Now I think we have a new Achoo! page one, with a clear view of what follows.

Watch this space!

Tuesday, 6 November 2018

Sir Runsalot

Growing up I wasn't much of a sportsman, it's true. I sucked terribly at football, couldn't handle tennis and despite that one term where I was great at rugby, I ultimately flopped playing that too.

One day I discovered running. I had a confidence at it, thinking myself a bit of a speedy gonzales. I would run up the hill home after school, eventually even finding myself not at all out of breath!

Well then, I told myself - keen to prove myself at one key physical activity - I'm ready for the big league. You know what I did? Oh, it was horrible. I only put myself forwards for the big sports day sprint - competing against half a dozen others.

Even as we lined up to start, my ego still told me I was the best and the fastest. We got in position and soon... off we were! Only... only... my ego was wrong. Others over took me. It was like I never had a chance.

My memory might be failing me here, but I didn't come last. Penultimate position, maybe. It was enough to kill off my interest, and ensure I never ran competitively again.

Nowadays I run for fitness. It helps me stay in shape, but I also enjoy the time - thinking life's thoughts to myself as I go. It's been a mainstay of my life for over three yeaes now.

Funny then - the boy finally did find his sport.

Monday, 5 November 2018

Little Disappointments, Little Joys

Today has been an oddly disappointing day - bearable only through the small joys that occassionally shone through.

I'm still a little ill (but getting better all the time) but I left work satisfied on Friday. Today, however, a few things happened, from unexpected people. It definitely put a damper on things, and built my stress levels back up.

All I can really do is work as hard as possible, and to the best of my ability. I guess I'll always have rocky days, and that's OK. They're to be expected. It's not how far you fall, as they say, but how you pick yourselves back up again.

Besides... after work I got my 'little joy' with Crina making an unplanned house visit. It always amazes me how much seeing her lifts my day. I'm a very lucky guy.

A very tired guy, too. I'm not sure I can keep up this level of blogging, as in once a day posts. It's beginning to feel like I'm running out of things to discuss! We'll see. Would be nice to hit 100 days of continual blogging!

Sunday, 4 November 2018

London Here, There & Everywhere

Crina's parents paid us a visit today, and as ever it was lovely to see the both of them. We all travelled south, to an area of London called Dulwych. I liked it as it was quieter than most London suburbs, and looked picturesque with some lovely artisan shops.

It got me thinking of all of the areas of London I've yet to properly explore.

Well... it's probably best to list the areas I *do* know well:

Central - especially Leicester Square and the Soho regions. This comes from working at Vue and Forbidden Planet.

Shepherds Bush/Hammersmith - from the years I spent living there (2010-2015).

Woolwich - having lived there since 2015.

Depressingly... that's it really! I know my way around Islington, Stratford and Wembley quite well, too - but no where near the amount a local does.

With regards to areas I'd love to get to know better... Hmm. I'm not sure. The outer zones on the TfL map have lots of parks and greenery that would be lovely to explore. The more central city locations are all pretty similar to each other - so I don't know what's left to explore from within them.

Having said that I like more quirky areas, like Camden and Shoreditch. They seem to have a distinct identity, in a way that most other places don't (instead they are generic and non-welcoming).

I always said that if I had more money, I could enjoy London more. It's the sort of city that's hard to experience much in on the salary I earn. Maybe if I had more money I'd more willingly travel and try new things here. Places like Shoreditch would be conquered!

As it stands, I'm relatively poor, limiting my scope for adventure. It's one of a few reasons that I want to leave this city behind, and go off and explore new ventures. I do somethings think - "well, this is hardly an existence." Maybe living elsewhere would leviate that?

Anyhoo... enough London waffle.

It's a beautiful city. From what I have, am currently and (lastly) will soon see.