Friday, 19 October 2018

A Museum Of Willies & Boobs

So far I'm finding Paris to be a lovely, diverse city full of beautiful surroundings, lots of restaurants and cafes, and plenty of cultured elements like museums and galleries.

Today me and Crina (now joined by Catalina, Crina's mother) explored our surroundings more closer - in what is our first real Parisian exploration.

We did the obvious. Of course we did. A clue - it's two words. Rhymes with "riffle blower". Yep. You got it in one.

Yes - the Eiffel Tower, the symbolic heart of Paris city, and you know it really is magnificent up-close and personal. Although we didn't ride up it (booked up, unfortunately!) we spent a long time underneath it, in its shadows.

Beforehand we bought a glorious raspberry macaron. I should admit a couple of things:

1) My no chocolate diet is on hold this week. Likewise I'll have the sweet cocoa goodness again X-Mas week, and next Feb for my 30th. Otherwise the ban will be inforced until end of June 2019.

2) I've kinda slipped on sweet things in general of late. My bad. I know, it always happens. I start the year good and whole... and by 8/9 months in I'm a little naughty. With weight gaining, I should stop. I will stop.

But back to Paris, and the main thrust of today's tourism: visiting the Louvre.

My god, the French. They love boobs and willies don't they?! Everywhere you go, you're surrounded by them on statues, or paintings, fountains, or posters, or books. They are either the perviest nation in history, or their artistic heritage betrayz their true personalties completely.

There was literally a room of naked men and women. I counted half a dozen sets of boobs; Crina almost two dozen penises!

But beyond that how was the Lourve? Alright, yeah. It's a museum. A big one. Lots of information, art and history. Eventually things start to blur in, or repeat. Still, I had great company in Crina and Catalina - so fun was still had by all.

The evening consisted of us trying to find a typically French restaurant (nothing chain and/or US/UK). We did it! A lovely small place called Cafe Du Theatre, that had a delicious French Onion Soup (a first for me) and Morroccan Chicken. Heartedly recommended!

Glad we go to something typically French and - after the Lourve and its nakedness - go off the beaten track, and explore.

Paris really is a beautiful city.

Thursday, 18 October 2018

Disneyland, Baby!

Those of you who read yesterday's blog entry will know not only that I'm in Paris, but my log personal history of wanting to come here. Top of the list of go to destinations has to be Disneyland Paris - the Mecca for children like myself who grew up watching the Disney cartoons.

Well today I finally ticked it off my long list of things I long to do! Yep. Me and Crina jumped on a train and headed west of the city - to Disneyland itself!

Walking down themed/dressed streets, alongside costumed Disney characters and shopping in a Disney-geek's paradise is thd ultimate thrill!

We had an amazingly fun day of rides. The rollercoasters were thrilling, and despite motion sickness the Star Tours 3D ride was great! Most surprising of all was the cute "it's a small world!" celebrating lots of nations from across the globe (allbeit in stereotypes!). Biggest disappointment? Surely Pirates of the Carribean. No idea what that was about!

Reviews of my top two:

Big Thunder Mountain is an exhilerating thrill. I'm no fan of looped rollercoasters - but this (flat, up down) is right up my street. Add in some cool atmospheric surroundings, and you have a ride I queued 2 hours total to ride twice!

Hyperspace Mountain is a glorious (scary?) thrill that is over in a blur... but my god whilst it's running is something else!! I said I don't like hoops - and this is probably the only exception. Mostly because of the dark, I couldn't tell I *had* been upsides down until I wasn't anymore!


My sister Donna is jealous of us going there. Me and Crina both agree next time we come it should be with children - whether nieces and nephews, or our's. Regardless it was great fun! Unashamably so!

And the Illusions firework display end of the night really was something magical.

Thanks, Disneyland!

Next time, how about your Florida offering...

Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Destination Paris!

I think the Euro Tunnel opened in 1989 or thereabouts. So growing up it was still such a new and exciting endeavour. Classmates at primary school spoke excitedly on visits through it and beyond, to the faraway world of Paris. I'd read about France in books - all black and white shirts, berets, baguettes, onions and chateaus. In this child's mind it was the most exotic thing imaginable.

Then in the early 1990 something monumentul occurred... Disneyland Paris opened its doors, positioning itself on our doorstep. Me and Donna desperately wanted to go. If only my family weren't so poor, and limited to UK-bound holiday destinations.

I grew up. Started earning money for myself. Eventually I moved away from home. But do you know what? That France trip was delayed, always, in favour of somewhere else... Because, adult me had learnt about a bigger world, with more exotic places than France.

It's taken almost 30 years (and a patient girlfriend who's been asking about a Paris trip all 2018) but finally it's happening. I'm in France.

That's the Eurotunnel taken, a nd so one item ticked on my lifetime's bucket list. Walking along the streets soon after arrival I spotted some beautiful Parisian buildings, and was thankful at last to be here.

Me and Crina are staying at a cosy Airbnb. We've done some shopping (exploring supermarkets being one of my favourite things to do in new countries!). We taken a trek across the capital at night, spotting the Eiffel Tower lit up in sparkles from afar. It's been a fun start to our Parisian adventure.

We're here until Monday. Lots of memories to make before then!

Tuesday, 16 October 2018

The Eve Of One Year

Tomorrow is the one year anniversary of mine and Crina's first date! We're celebrating with a week long trip to Paris that we're hoping will take in many sights, and include a visit to Disneyland. Yep, really. We're totally going there.

We've saved up our pennies. I've worked hard to get all my tasks completed at FP. Joey has been packed off to friends of Crina, who are very excited to have a cat in their midst for a week. We're ready for this!

It's been a great year with Crina. No, more than that - an incredible one. Those of youcwho know me and have met Crina know she's perfect for me. I couldn't be happier.

So here's to our first completed year - on the eve of us starting the next.

Monday, 15 October 2018

"...Meet Some Friends Of Mine!"

One of the truly great things about my current role has been the opportunity to reconnect to South Park. I watched the show back in the 1990s, despite being far too young, and laughing more of the profanities and poo jokes than any social commentaries.

After a few years I think the show fell later and later in Channel 4's schedule, until it being it so late night meant it was unavoidable that I'd disconnect from the series.

It stayed that way for a long time. But former-housemate Jack was a fan, and that fact alone made me interested to resume viewings, and see what I'd been missing out on over the last 15 years.

But it wasn't until DTR I became a fan again. Faced with the prospect of releasing up to 6 new designs a year, I kinda had to understand the show again in order to know what ideas there were, and how best to use them.

I'm awfully glad I did give the show another go. I find the social commentaries timely, and I really, really respect the fact that the show isn't scared by anybody of anything. It still two fingers up at the establishment, with wicked humour, but also being brave and asking all the right questions.

Whatever they may be, I'm a fan of the show again - and proud to be making my own stamp on the SP universe with my designs ("I'm Super!", etc).