Sunday, 29 January 2006

In Rides Evelyn Sawyer (Yip-Pee!)

Remember me? Sorry about the lack of an update recently, but I've not wrote any more of Timespotters yet, so I didn't see the need for one. It's not through lack of trying, I've just been a little busy with work at college.

But anyway, production of draft three should resume tonight (fingers crossed) - which is strange because since I last wrote the script I've had a tonne of ideas, so much so much of what I've already written will be thrown away and rewritten (it wasn't the best piece of writting in the world so there's no need to lament its passing!).

What I have planned now is even better than before, and I guarentee you'll never have seen anything like it on television before. Evelyn Sawyer is gonna rock the foundations of television when she finally rises!

Until tomorrow (or when I feel the need to update my production diary!!)...
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