Monday, 16 January 2006

"It's Timespotters, Jim (But Not As We Know It)"

OK, this post will be one of the hardset that I'm expected to write. Not only do I have to introduce myself to you in as little text as possible, but I have to come across as both friendly and warm. Anyone who knows me will confirm that its hard to imagine me as either! Here goes...

I'm a Manchester based writer, and this blog explores the world through my eyes. I'll write about anything that grabs my attention, in particular weird and wonderful things that I seem to love best.

Since 2002 I have been writing a series of short stories based around a group of teenagers, who learn that their destinies are as time travellors, or Timespotters, a group of people whose sole objective is to protect time itself. Think what Doctor Who would be like with hormones and youth. And times that by a thousand.

I'm still writing these short story ideas, but now I'm more concentrating on transferring the series to script format, and two drafts scripts of the pilot have already been written, with a third draft expected to be written any day now (I should be writing that istead of this!).

Although these scripts share some likeness to the original Timespotters short stories they are in no way connected to that series at all. Think of the scripts as a reimagining of the format. And with each redraft, the premise gets better and better, and the current third draft script feels so hot I might just burn my fingers on it! I'll update you all on the progress of writing the script here, whenever an update is needed.

Of course, Timespotters is just one of the many scripts bubbling away inside my head. Stay tuned, and one day I'm sure to tell you some of the others...
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