Thursday, 19 January 2006

The Long Game

You don't realise exactly how much hard work writing actually is until you're sat down doing it. I remember looking up to the likes of Joss Whedon as a child and seeing how easy he makes the job look. Don't get me wrong, writing is one of the best things in the word - a form of expression more powerful than most others, and far,far more personal - but its so damn hard to actually sit down and do.

Take last night for example, it took four bloody hours (!) to write just three pages of script, and mediocre script at that. But I don't care. If only half of my effort shows through on screen then the show will shine. It's taken a long time to get here, exactly where I want to be in my writing, and I'm not giving up now.

Tonight I'll write the aftermath of the first five pages of script, and I'm excited just thinking about it. This is the point where the show's real emotional punch begins to kick in, and where the fun really begins. Get ready Evelyn, because you're in for one hell of an adventure...
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