Tuesday, 17 January 2006

Prepare to be Prepared

Tonight it begins. After a gap of five months, the latest draft script of Timespotters is ready, waiting to be written. I currently expect to write maybe the first five or so pages tonight - so who knows, by my next post Timespotters as we may one day know it could have been born.


Draft scripts of the show in the past have kinda sucked, and this is the main reasoning behind my grand rethinking, where many of the previously planned story arcs and characters were scrapped, and the show as I currently see it was first imagined.

Now, I know that this blog will probably become a tease, with little or no information being revealed at times, and I'm glad about that. I like teasing you guys, and the more I fall in love with this show or other projects, the less likely I am to share it with you guys here. But rest assured, if there is ever a place to reveal little exclusives, it's here.

So, every now and then, check in on this place to see if I have posted any!

The first such exclusive could very well find it's way to you by the end of the week... Right, I'm going to stop the teasing now and get on with planning and writing the show's first episode, which currently has the boring old title of "Destiny is forfilled". This is just a working title, and should be treated as such!

Only long after the episode is written will I even begin to choose the real title, but you guys and dolls can be sure to get your hands on that title first of all.

Before anyone else.

You lucky devils.
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