Thursday, 23 February 2006

At Long L-O-N-G Last...Draft Three Arrives!

Last night I was detirmined to conclude writing on this current draft. I was in a 'hyperactive' writing mood, where I can write for hours and hours without stopping. These moods don't come very often, and so I took full advantage of last night's mood, and wrote half a script (20 odd pages!!!) in little over five hours. By the time I went to bed at 2 am in the mourning I was completetly reassured that "Timespotters" would work, after a few doubts earlier in the week. This is a script where the main lead travels back a good 50 years in time, talking to a woman whose destiny is connected to her own, and not once does the drama let up. I'm 80% happy with the series now, and that'll rise when I finally edit the script during numerous re-writing sessions.


Anyway, I'm having a little rest from writing today. Going to spend some quality time with my girlfriend, and tomorrow the work resumes. I begin planning April 3rd for the first time, and I'll write a checklist of things that I need to do to Timespotters before I can even attempt a fourth draft. And aside from that, I might relax a little for the next week or so, and enjoy life a little again, before Timespotters creeps back into my mind and refuses to let go. Until tomorrow, when I'll post my analysis of the third draft script in full detail, I'll see you soon...

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