Sunday, 5 February 2006

Confessions Of A Drama Queen (No, Not Me Fool!)

I'm about nine pages into the current draft of "Timespotters" and more and more I'm noticing the drama, rather than the fantasy elements, creeping through in the script. Now, the current series of Doctor Who because it is a drama, and definately not a science-fiction series, but I've got to question if I truely want "Timespotters" to be a drama. It has all of the key ingredients to be a fantasy based series (and it will probably be known in the media as such) but I like the idea of writing a drama series with fantasy elements incorporated into it, not the other way around. It raises an interesting question on my behalf: Just who is my target audience? The original drafts of the series were clearly written for children. I included a child in the scripts as a touchstone for kids, and didn't dare tackle 'important' issues like I am doing now. The current scripts could never be screened for children, and perhaps that's a blessing in disguise in a way. It means I can tackle more focused issues on the series without fear of being attacked by screaming parents, who's children are being influenced by the series in some way or another. I'll readdress this issue later, but for now, its full steam ahead. And kids, I wouldn't put any bets on seeing "Timespotters" during children's television just yet.
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