Thursday, 16 February 2006

The Deadly Second Album

Sorry about lack of an update recently, but I've written absolutely nothing recently on "Timespotters", with tonight being the only exception (half a page written, but more on that later!). Anyway I thought I'd talk a litttle about a new project I've got planned (which I'll write between the third and fourth drafts of "Timespotters" in March/April).


"April 3rd" is the simple story of three Muslim men, all cousins, seperated by the very religion that once united one. After 20 odd years of seperation fate brings them back together on "April 3rd", and its a chance for the men to see exactly how much they've all changed. It's an explosive play to say the least, and I'm rather proud of the idea. It's unlike anything modern theatre has currently seen, and it's my attack on modern islamophobia. I can't wait to start writing it (and naturally I'll update you all about it here).

Anyway, tonight's script writing on "Timespotters" wasn't anything special. After developing a mild case of writers block for one p[articular scene, I've skipped over writing that scene now, and I'll tackle it at a later date. Lazy me! Anyway, tomorrow I finish college for a week, so expect LOTS more script writing next week...and an update or two along the way!

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