Monday, 27 February 2006

First Impressions Are All That Count

So, somebody else read my Timespotters script today. Or at least, somebody else read the first five pages of draft three, that will never be used anyway, so that's ok. My friend Jack Porter (if you're reading this, hello!) read the opening of episode one, and for the first time, the series felt real to me. With other people reading my writing, at long long last I can begin to have valuble opinions given to my scripts. I've waited a long time to show this beauty off.

Jack's been following the development of "Timespotters" since late 2005, and so I thought he would be the ideal person to review a taster of my work (which doesn't really count as Timespotters seen as though I'm re-writing those scenes anyway!). His initial reaction for the script ranged from "this is good" to "this is paced". He seemed to enjoy the script, but I still realise that I've got a long way to go in script writing this episode. Oh, and before I forget, I hadn't realised how funny the first 10 or so pages of this script really are. It's a shame to throw these pages away and start again from scratch, but if there's an obstacle standing in my way with the script (in this case, the introduction of all characters done in a very rubbish way) then I must find a way of over coming this obstacle (Ie, I need to find a better way of introducing the characters!).

Anyway, tonight I'm going to sit down and watch the last "Life On Mars" for 2006, and just maybe I'll get round to watching "Serenity" which I bought on DVD earlier today. And on top of all of that, I have a script waiting to be written. And you never know, this time tomorrow, work could have resumed on the series.

I need some sleep I tell ya!
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