Sunday, 26 February 2006

A Game Of Guess Who (But Not Buckaroo)?!?

So, today's job (which I'm just about to begin after this blog post!) concerns character biographies, as I attempt to learn more about my characters, what makes them tick, and exactly how they behave. My third draft script was full of contradictions in character behaviour, so it's nice to finally put down on paper once and for all what these characters (which are going to live inside my head for a while to come) are like.

So, where to start...? A good place would be Evelyn Sawyer, our hero throughout the series. I can already reveal to you guys (I can trust you right?) that she'll be an independent nineteen year old, who initially isn't very gutsy at all. I can't really tell you too much about her (cos that'd spoil the fun wouldn't it) but I can confirm that she'll make a fantastic heroine. She's an down and out ordinary girl, with a heart of gold, and you guys are gonna fall in love with her. She'll be the best friend you've always demanded.

In other news, I've re-written the series bible (again) with new, more interesting developments happening for Evelyn's family. Before, they were rather 2D, but now they'll equal the screen presence of Evelyn on screen. When Josephine demands authority, she'll get it. When Aaron demands love, he'll get it. When Marc demands...well never mind, you'll just have to wait and see exactly what he demands!

So, off I go now...pre-writing on the fourth draft is well under way, and my guess is that I'll be ready to begin the fourth draft script by this time next week. And I can't wait. I guess I'll see you guys along the way?
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