Saturday, 25 February 2006

Staring At A Blank Piece Of Paper (The Most Fun I'll Have This Weekend)

Lying in bed last night I couldn't sleep for almost an hour: not because I wasn't tired (I really am) but because I can't get "Timespotters" out of my head, and I'm spending every spare second thinking about it. It's my favourite phase of writing, where ideas pop up at the least expected second. I'm so use to these creative thought periods now that I always carry a spare notepad with me just in case I do think up the "best-idea-ever-created-by-a-human-being-who-wasn't -drunk -or-on-insane".


Sitting in a car today for instance I've already thought up a new working title for episode two, which you're gonna love, called "The Haunting Of Knightsbridge House", and another (better) title for episode one, which I'm not going to tell you here, you're just going to have to wait a while for that one! I don't wanna give you too much information at once otherwise I'll eventually have nothing new to tell you, and you'll be bored to death of the series.

I had planned to write a commentary for "Teenage Troubles" today, but with new information on the horizon I decided otherwise. I'll post that exclusive commentary next week when I'm bored and sick to death of re-writes!

So, that's my goal for this weekend, to cross a few things off of my checklist, and to maybe begin planning out April 3rd a little. But on the otherhand, I have got some coursework that needs finishing, so I'm afraid the scripts fall to the back of the queue. Don't blame me, but the blasted education board for inflicting the pain of coursework upon us!!!

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