Friday, 10 February 2006

Who's Afraid Of The Big Bad Sequel?

So shoot me, the last couple of days have been pretty script-writing-lite. I do have other things on my mind too! Anyway, all is not lost, because (you're going to love this!) I've started the initial planning work for episode two!!!

Currently titled "The Past" the episode marks a major turning point in the lives of Evelyn Sawyer and company. It's going to be a great, scary episode and a real contrast to the episode before. This first series is very much an experiment to see what works and what doesn't. Each episode has its own specific tone (and I can already reveal that some will be laugh-out-loud funny, others scary as hell) because audiences like to find something new and exciting every week. If all my stories had one similar smile the audience would be gone by the third episode! I really believe that. Plus, varying styles mean new themes can be tackled, and each episode stands alone on screen. And as my fisrt ever series, varying styles mean I can really find where my true talent lies (I'm guessing horror myself!).

So, as soon as work ends on episode one (about the end of February is my guess) work will begin on "The Past", a dangerous exploration of human morals in times of crisis. Trust me when I say this folks, Evelyn's got her work cut out in these opening two episodes, but boy, she's got worst things coming her way very very soon! And from me, that's it for today.

I know, I'm just one great big tease!
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