Tuesday, 21 March 2006

Erm, Erm And More Erms

I really have been doing nothing. Nothing at all. Well, aside from that damn coursework (see notes made in previous posts). Timespotters has fallen to the back of my mind. I walked to college this morning, and for the first time in weeks actually thought about the series in a constructive manner. My mind has been so full with (useless, cough cough) information over the past month or so that I have really been restricted in my thoughts. But not any more I tell ya!!! I'm free! Well, almost.


In my theatre studies lessons I'm now at the final stages of rehearsals for my examination text "Vinegar Tom". At last I'm off script, and for the first time I'm actually able to act on stage (a consequence of not being held back by holding a damn script book 24/7!). I perform the play on Friday 7th April, and with little Timespotters news floating around (sorry!) I'll update you on the play whenever I feel appropriate.

Now, "April 3rd" is coming along nicely. I'll fill you in with the details tomorrow, but needless to say, it's bloody exhausting me, and I've only written 3 pages (again, all will be revealled tomorrow)!. I can't wait to show you guys. You're gonna love it. Or hate it. We'll see.

One last thing: I've been made a member of another blogspot site over the course of the last month or so. If you want to hear my views on all things Torchwood (ie, Captain Jack of Doctor Who goes solo) check out www.torchwoodtv.blogspot.com. Many thanks to Kurly, its creator, for giving me this role.

Until tomorrow folks.

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