Wednesday, 22 March 2006

Who Says Coursework Can't Be Fun?

It's no secret that I'm currently studying film studies (amongst others) at Holy Cross Sixth Form College in Manchester, England, and it's no secret that this course, as well as Media Studies, gets some bad press. It's a common feeling of "Studying a film? That's no real subject!". This snobbish perception really isn't true. Film studies is hard. You hear me? Hard! You think you can do this course, come and have a go. I bet you fail and start crying your way through submission within minutes!

Anyways, I've been set a coursework asignment of writing a script or storyboard, and so I've chosen to write (a bit of) April 3rd for my project. At long, long last! I'm only required to write down the opening 800 words of the script, but I have been asked to write a synopsis, cinematic ideas, and production diary for the script, which I am immensely proud of. However, there is a deep feeling inside that something simply doesn't work with this project, and I'll try and explain what below.


The original idea for April 3rd was to write it as a play, and develop it from there. The only reason I'm using it for Film Studies is because I've got nothing else to use. No other idea I have in my mind is currently developed enough to write about. So April 3rd has (temporarily) been developed as a film, although I still want to write the proper play script soon enough. Because of this hybred format, the 800 word script for April 3rd does feel slightly underwhelming at times. A case of must do better. There are elements of brilliance, but these are lost because of the script's dramatic pedigree. There's no clear genre elements, and the focus isn't exactly clear. All in all, bad news for my coursework....

But good news for me. Well, personally anyway. It means I have a great idea simply waiting to be written for the stage. It's clear to me now that April 3rd is not a film. Nor is it a televisual experience. It's a play, right down to the core. And that's exciting, because I've never written a play before.

Exciting times ahead I think.

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