Thursday, 4 May 2006

My Childhood Hero

My all time favourite series, Doctor Who is back on BBC One every Saturday evening at around 7PM. For anybody not in the know it stars David Tennant as the Doctor, a strange time-travellor, who saves the universe on a near-daily basis. Oh, and if that's not enough to tempt you, it also stars the delicious Billie Piper as Rose Tyler, and it's an incredible amount of fun. So watch it or miss out!
Seriously though, I hold this daft old programme dear to my heart because I grew up watching it. During my childhood, when my parents divorced, I knew that I could always rely on the Doctor. He was my best friend at times, and I loved the adventures he brought me on every week. The show grabbed my attention in ways I hadn't known before, and some of my earliest memories are acting scenes out on the playground of Heaton Park Primary School, aged just six. I can also remember watching the show, and then going away to write short stories about what I'd just seen. Looking back, these stories are awful, but still, they remain special in my heart.

Because Doctor Who gave me some building blocks to build upon. Watching the programme has inspired me to pick up my pen and write., Watching the programme has inspired me to act. But most of all it's taught me that no matter what, its good to struggle on. If you only try, anything is possible. And I still believe in that philosphy today.

Thank you Doctor Who...Here's hoping that one day I can pay you back.

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