Wednesday, 17 May 2006

My Own Personal Crystal Ball

So, it's now exam time, and all the work I've been doing at college over the past year or so has finally come to a head. Which means just one thing: in a few weeks it all starts again, as I prepare to enter Upper Six. As usual folks, I'm taking the opportunity to look to the future...

With Vinegar Tom now officially over (save for the exam in early June, which I'm soooooo dreading) I'm now looking forward to beginning work on my next Theatre Studies production, The Trojan Women. I expect work to begin in September, and by that point, I'll have been off stage for so long that I'll be dying to return to it!

Or maybe not. Because come August/September there's also two other theatre projects that I'm thinking of entering. One takes place at the Royal Exchange Theatre Manchester, and the other at the Manchester Palace Opera House. Naturally I'll have to audition for both, but if I manage to get a place in both it'll mean that I'll be tackling three drama plays at once! Phew!

Also on the horizon is a very special film studies oportunities. In June/July several film makers will be coming into college to take a small group of students away to make a short five minute film. I'm already thinking of entering, by submitting a short extract from April 3rd as my short film. Walking to college the past few weeks the idea has been developing in my head, and it's now at a stage where I'm totally confident with it. Hopefully I'll get a place of the film team, and will be able to talk to you all about my experiences as soon as possible.

Recently I've been getting itchy feet. This time last year I left my role as Head Boy at my local High School, and since I've been out in the cold. I purposely didn't apply for the Student Council at college because I was bored of 'internal politics', but having been out of the loop for twelve months, I'm ready to re-enter the game. Next year at college I'm going to apply for the Student Council, and will hopefully get a place of the committee. The experiences gained from such a group are - in my opinion - some of the best around. And I can't wait to return to a field I should never have left behind in the first place.

Finally, I'm planning on entering the big bad world at last. Yes folks, I've decided that the time is ripe for me to get a job. In the coming weeks I'm going to work with my Dad, and I can't wait. Mostly because of the money I'll receive, but still...

All of these new doorways opening up for me will make my application for potential Drama Schools potentially more successful. It's time I take a step forth and put 100% into whatever I do. It's time folks for a change. And I'll be all the better because of it.
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