Thursday, 4 May 2006

New Additions (Or "At Last, An Update!")

Yes folks, the same excuse as normal applies: coursework. That damned nusense has held me back again from enjoying my life over the past month and a half. In college I've had to piece together work for Film Studies, Media Studies, English, as well as performing Vinegar Tom too. But at long last I'm free. No more coursework until September at the earliest. Yesssssssss!

But...exams begin in a fornight, and I'm dreading every second.

In the mean time I've been script-writing again, this time turning my focus to a strange comic called Assassin, and it's spin-off series Darkened Avenue. I've been writing these series on and off now for about two years, and they're probably my best achievement yet. I've added a link at the side of the page to my Piczo site (Timespotters twin. It's cute I know). The links will explain exactly what Assassin is, what the whole Darkened Avenue thing is about, etc. From now on, if I ever start a new project I'll add basic background knowledge at the side of the page, so you readers won't be left wondering what the hell I'm talking about!

Anyway, I've already wrote one new issue of Assassin, the first issue in the eight part 'third series'. The title is called "Civil War" and I hope to have a short extract from it online soon. It concerns a military government dealing with the possibility of a civil war, and things are about to get very messy for everyone concerned. In linear fashion, I write one Assassin, then one Darkened Avenue, then another Assassin, etc. So my attention has now turned to Darkened Avenue issue 24, my first new issue since January 2005! The title is called "Descent" and it's a clever re-invention of the series so that new readers won't be left bewildered. As ever, I'll post an extract online in due time.

That Darkened Avenue script is of course my main focus at the minute, but still Timespotters lingers at the back of my mind. I've decided to rest the idea for the forseeable future, and concentrate of my Assassin series instead. My reason? I want to get this whole Timespotters series perfect, and it won't ever be perfect until I've perfected my writing, whenever that will be. And Assassin/Darkened Avenue are not professional writing: I write them as a hobby, and the most that will ever happen with them is that my friends will read them. Then they will be mostly forgotten about.

Except by my. Cos when writing them, I'm learning valuable life lessons about the process of writing. The series teaches me how to write humour, pathos, tragedy, etc. It's gearing me up for a life in the arts. And that's all I've ever wanted. See you guys soon.

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