Saturday, 17 June 2006

A Suitable Work-Out?

The past month I've been on study leave from college (although I'm now back there full fair!). During the days I've not been taking an exam at college, I've been doing something far better with my time. Working.

Earning around £25 a day, I've been gardening with my dad, and found the experience quite rewarding. For once I have money in my pocket that I've fully desrved, and I appreciate its value a lot more. More importantly, it's given me valuable time to bond with my dad, and I've (somehow) woeked up quite an appetite for employment. Employers watch out!

Of course, I'm currently unemployed again now, and my mum's nagging at me again to get a job. I would normally say "nothing's changed" here, but not today, because change has come at last. I finally appreciate what work means, and the experience is not as daunting to me anymore. A scary thought for a guy who's been putting off the possibility of work for over a year now. Because I don't have to run scared of the idea anymore.

It's time I faced my responcibilities and found a job. Or else I'll miss out on a fantastic chance.
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