Monday, 31 July 2006

Holiday Showdown

For the past week I've been on holiday to Poole (near Bournemouth) and it wouldn't be an exxageration to say that it's been the worst holiday that I've ever been on.

During the week I didn't do a single thing that I wanted to do, and its a sad fact that I admittedly wasted a week of my life, but not through any fault of my own. You see, I went away with my family (dad, step-mum, etc) and I had to do everything that they wanted to do and nothing that I wanted to do. Yes, I am a little old to be going on holiday with my parents, but at the end of the day, a holiday is a holiday, and so I'm excused. But still, its unforgivable that I'm expected to conform to their ideas of holiday, and do exactly what they want to do, because I'm my own person, and who says I enjoy what they enjoy?

And that's why I've decided: that was my last family holiday. Next time I go away, I'm doing it on my own, cos I'm a big boy now. It's about time I stopped living in the shadow of my parents, and went out there myself and did a bit of exploring, because that way I will be doing stuff that's personal to myself - and nobody can take those experiences away from me.

So, a wasted week...well not entirely. Despite the daily (!) visits to the beach that I didn't enjoy in any way, I did find time midweek to sit down for a couple of hours and write, and that's exactly what I did. I wrote the entire arc of "The Flame" issues one to six, and a little bit of Assassin 3.2. The experience of writing both was so exhilirating, because for those two hours I was free of the holiday, and able to do whatever I wanted. The quality of the writing I did that day is probably higher than normal, and I'm quite proud of what I did. Infact, I'm now looking at "The Flame" in a whole new light...

But more on that soon enough.

Tickaboo everyone...
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