Tuesday, 18 July 2006

News And Commentary Galore!

Hope the new and improved "Timespotters" is to your taste. This is just a quick e-mail (mostly for the benefit of myself) to evaluate where I am, and where I'm going next.

So, "April 3rd" - as you all know by now - is complete. Yay!!! I have the finished DVD sitting proudly on my shelf at home. I like the thought that it's sitting there, and I can watch it any time I like. It's exciting to think that something I've written has actually been created on screen! I doubt I'll ever get over that excitement. Anyway, over the next couple of weeks/months I'll write more about the film, filling you guys in on any blanks, and hopefully, get the thing posted on YouTube for you to watch to your heart's content. To compliment this, I'll shortly be posting a full in-depth analysis of the film, a frank and honest account of how I got the original idea of "April 3rd" onto paper, how that idea transformed over time, and how it then moved from a script to a film. So happy reading!

You've also probably seen my postings about two of my other scripts, "Assassin" and "Darkened Avenue". These are not film scripts at all, but graphic novels, and I'll let you know more about them shortly. I'm currently writing a new block of "episodes" for both series, and whenever I complete a new issue, I'll write about it here, and I'll again include a commentary, to let you guys into the mind of Anthony Garnon.

Recently my girlfriend went on holiday and I made her one simple promise: to e-mail her everyday. I lived up to the promise, and sent her ten e-mails, one for everyday that she was away. One of these e-mails involved me taking photographs of "a day in the life" of me, and hopefully, I'll get those images online shortly. Rejoice! Lol.

Over the next couple of days/weeks the site will be updated on a semi-regular basis, so keep an eye out for new stuff! Like you weren't anyway...
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