Tuesday, 8 August 2006

Avenues and Allyways

So, it's summer, and I have a little free time. Do I:

a: Decide to do something constructive like read a book, or write?

b: Go shopping and blow all of my cash virtually in one go?

or c: waste my valuable free time cleaning out my room, and finding hidden gems scattered around?

Well, ok then, I cheated. I've done all three. But that doesn't make me any less of a person I tell thee!

Today I was shopping for new clothes (and I did much the same on Saturday with my girlfriend Katie). I know, clothes shopping. For men, it's the most unimaginable pain around, but strangely for once, I actually enjoyed myself a little, and at the same time picked up some new clothes that will suit me well (get the pun!?!) when I restart college in a matter of weeks. I honestly have no qualm spending over £100 on clothes (but it got me LOADS of stuff - a whole new wardrobe infact) because at the end of the day, I need new clothes. The times I've looked at myself over the past year and observed how scruffy I look sometimes. Well, at last, I figured it's time I did something to change that fact. No more scruffy Anthony Garnon from here on in! (My fingers are crossed so hard they're almost buckling because of the pain...)

Tonight was also the first night in a long while I didn't see Katie. It's unusual not to see somebody when you have gotten use to their company so much. Katie is an incredible person, and I love ever second I spend with her. Sadly, that means every second I don't spend with her hurts that little bit more.

To keep my mind occupied, I've been writting. Well, actually, just planning, but it was one hell of a planning session, one where I rattled my brain so hard, and an entire series was born. For tonight, I planned the marvellous "The Company of Thieves" (wait children, your time will come...). The entire first issue bubbles away in my head right now, keeping me awake. Tomorrow, or the day after, when the tiredness leaves my body again, I'll pick up my pen and start writing the series. And I can't wait. Of all the ideas I've had recently, never would I have expected Thieves to be the first to be written...

Oh all the things in my room, I actually refuse to throw a lot away. Mostly 'cos I like hogging stuff for long enough that one day they might actually be worth something. However, I also like to keep items that I consider precious to myself, ones that tell a story about me. That's why I never throw a deleted scene from my scripts away, or why I still have old Doctor Who stories, because I like to look back on the past and see what could have been. So today, imagine my delight when I found this drawing (which I long thought missing). I just knew I had to share it with this online diary thing (hello readers...if I even have any! Who wants to listen to some naive young man anyways? Answers on a postcard). So, here goes. This is an extract from isssue 13 of Darkened Avenue, but with a difference: instead of being prose, it's an actual drawing. During the long summer break of 2004 I must have got bored, and my mind wandered "What if I tried to draw?" As you're about to see, the answer to that question clearly is "You'll see how bad you are!". Here goes folks...Deep breath now:

This week I've continued to work with my Dad outside gardening (in the damn rain!) but still, I've found time to update the site. I've added a few stories from my Doctor Who collection onto the site, and written an overview for that particular series too. I've also written about "Aftermaths" in overview, as well as "Darkened Avenue". For both "Darkened Avenue" and "Assassin" I've decided to add short commentaries about each past episode onto the site, but because of time restrans, bare in mind this might take a while yet to complete.

In other news, I'm currently watching two episodes of "Alias" every day. Last week I shot through season one of the show, and today I began the mammoth crawl through season two. What do I think of the series so far? Excellent...I just wish I had discovered it sooner!

This week i have little time on my hands, but I hope to begin work on the very first "Company of Thieves" (more on the series soon) and also Assassin 3.2 - needless to say I'll keep you up to speed on all of the latest developments with all my scripts and performances.

Adios amigos...

UPDATE: The site is being real slow today, and it doesn't seem to want to publish those photos I promised. Hang in there...they're coming, I swear!
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