Thursday, 17 August 2006

Exam Results 2006

In a lot of ways, I found the results a little surprising. I did a lot better than I thought I would in some areas, but in others, I let my self down. Big style-y.

English Language - "A" Grade

Media Studies - "B" Grade

Film Studies - "A" Grade

Theatre Studies - "C" Grade

General Studies - "A" Grade

Whereas I totally expected the "B" Grade in Media (I've been saying that ever since March, it's just not my strongest subject), I never in a million years would have expected a "C" Grade in Theatre Studies. What went wrong? I'll tell you what, "Vinegar Tom" did...

My coursework and written exam in Theatre Studies were all weell placed "A" Grades, and so in theory, that's what grade I should have achieved. Only I didn't, because (don't ask me how) I got an "E" Grade for my performance in the production "Vinegar Tom".

An E? In a totally 'not-big-headed' way, my performance was not of E standard. No way. Sure, it may have been C, B or even A quality (yeah right!) but not an E. I invested too much time and energy into that play to come away with a grade like that. I'm sorry, but if I'm totally honest, the grade has got me pissed. Afterall, Theatre is my favourite, most fab subject and the very thought of me failing (an E Grade is practically a fail) is beyond belief.

So, on a day when I should be celebrating brilliant exam results (three "A"s are fantastic dude!) I'm too busy worrying about one stupid result. I guess it just goes to show how much Theatre Studies means to me, and how serious I take my education.

And you call me a geek...
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