Monday, 11 September 2006

9/11 - Five Years On

Sometimes it's good to reflect on the past, and learn from mistakes made. One memory that sticks in my mind personally happens to be September 11th 2001.

Five years ago, and I remember the day like it happened yesturday. I was at high school (year Eight, I think) and the teachers were full of rumours about hi-jacked planes and American terrorism. I hadn't a clue what was going on, until I met my mum outside of my little sister's primary school, and she told me exactly what had happened:

There had been a terrorist attack, and many had died.

But at the time, all I was fascinated by was the fact that BBC One's "Neighbours" had been taken off air in a news flash. It's a moment I look back on, ashamed, as if I didn't quite have any human feelings. As if I didn't care. I was a cold hearted individual more interested in myself than what was going on in the world around me.

How things change.

Today I'm so full of pity for those lives lost in that terrible attack. My heart bleeds for every single victims family, and especially for those brave men and women in the police force and the fire brigade. Real heroes, that never in a million years will I be able to understand and appreciate fully. Great people who will all be missed.

I now look at 9/11 as a day of absolute horror, and so should the rest of the world. It's inexcusable to board a plane and destroy it - and fellow passengers - in the name of God. Who gives us that right? Who gives us that power? The answer is nobody, and the second attacks like this end, the better.

The world can mourn today, but the fight goes on. That's one reason why I created "April 3rd" - a reminder to a crazy world that terrorist are out there, and it's about time we acknowledge that they're coming to find us: and no matter what, nothing will stand in there way.

Never forget 9/11. Never forget the people who died needlessly. Never forget the monsters that destroyed much more than a set of twin towers.

Never forget.
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