Thursday, 7 September 2006

...All Over Again

For the first time in almost two months, I was back at college today - ready for the start of upper six, and a whole new year of fun.

And boy, did I have a blast.

It's interesting to see the lower six students adjust to life at college: especially when you stop to think that I was in their position exactly one year ago today. It's been a rapid year, and today offered me a chance to look back and reflect on a few things, and boy have I changed.

When I first arrived at Holy Cross College, I was a quiet, withdrawn sort of guy, and now look at me: I'm 110% more confident, 110% less funny (joke!) and 110% settled. Which makes it a bugger that I have to leave at the end of this college year in May 2007. Noooooo!

Anyways, today marked the arrival of lower six, as I've already said. Of particular importance though was the arrival of my girlfriend, Katie, at college. Two years ago, we were at the same High School, and whether she knows it or not, I missed her company around me at school/college. So I welcome her arrival at Holy Cross with open arms. Cos I love spendin time with her. :)

Also today, I met a few of my friends who I haven't seen in a long time: Jack Porter, Beckie McIntyre, Phil Wooller, Jonathan Carney, et al. I missed each one of them, and it was great to finally have a chance to catch up with them. IMPORTANT NEWS ALERT! I finally copied Beckie "April 3rd", and as I write this, she's watching it, tucked away at home. Oh, and I shown the film to virtually everyone, including my Film Studies class, and Phil (who helped with the reshoots for the film itself). The feedback I received was very heartwarming - although certain viewers, who shall remain nameless, did ruin the killer twist ending. Damn you!

But now the film's out there, communicating with viewers, entering their consiousness. The journey is over at last...

In related news, I got some bad news too. "April 3rd" has not been selected for the Cornerhouse film festival, which means we'll never get shown on a cinema screen. But I really don't care, because it was still a great experience making the film, and already I've moved on to my next, "Aftermaths". And it's going to blow you away...but not in an "April 3rd" sense!

Jack Porter's film "Game On", another entry to the Cornerhouse, has been selected, and will show at the cinmea's film festival in December. I've decided to go along and support him and his crew, because they deserve it; their film reallly is that good. I might have to work with Jack myself some time in the future, on some distant film project...

Right got to go. I'm editing "Aftermaths" tonight, to prepare for the second draft. And there's 40 pages to get through...
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