Wednesday, 20 September 2006

At the End of the Day

Draft three of "Aftermaths" now sits on my desk at home, at a comfortable 18 pages. What worries me a little about the new draft though is that - despite the fact that this is a whodunnit? - the killer has no clear motivation. I wrote the script at like 5 o'clock in the afternoon, so I've got my excuses for the lazy plotting, honest!

I feel like the film is very anti-climatic at the moment; like it's missing some sort of closure at the story's end. So, I've decided that in draft four, that's exactly what I'm going to add: a definite ending. Closure. The Chapman's won't know what's hit them...

So, draft four. The final draft I'm ever going to write of "Aftermaths". It's going to be sad to let it go; ut it's going to be great to sit it on film. And after it's complete, I can get to work on "Shiny Happy People", can't I?

Other news today: I met for the college production of "Oliver!" and learnt exactly what I needed to do in the audition (act and SING!!!). I hope I get a part in the film, but seen as though I'm an appalling singer, my chances are probably slim.

And there we go; a very boring day in the life of Anthony Garnon. But that's what this site is all about - the highs and lows of life.

As they say, tomorrow's a new day.

Lets see what it brings.
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