Wednesday, 13 September 2006

Brothers and Sisters

If I'm honest, today has been a very lazy day - at college anyway. I knew it would be last week when I picked up my new college time table and found that I only had one 50 minute lesson every Wedsnesday. Basically, it allowed me to have the rest of the day off to do whatever I want to do (after my homework is complete! Of course, of course...)

So, today, I completed some Theatre Studies work, and set to work on my "Aftermaths" script once more. Literally, I must have spent four hours writting it today. Oh the dedication. It hurts my sides.

From the very start of the day I knew what I wanted to achieve from writing today. I set myself one very simple (Ha! So I thought...) task: to write one scene from the film by the time I left for home again. Luckily, it was a task that I did manage to complete. Just.

The said scene involves our hero (well, I say hero, but in "Aftermaths" nobody is who they appear to be). He's a teenage boy called Jamie Chapman and in today's scene, he talks to his sister Charlotte about the possibility of...Well I'm not telling you! But I thought it would be a simple scene to complete. Alas no. I found it impossible to capture the dynamics between brother and sister at first, and even when I did manage to, what i written wasn't exactly up there with Shakespeare or Dickens. Today really will go down in my own personal history books as the day I re-wrote the same scene over and over and over, etc.

It's hard to predict how ever scene will ever work out, and this scene (scene 11 fact fans) was no different. However, I've learnt my lessons, and in future, I'll better plan out how each relationship works. Whether that be mother and son, brother and sister, boyfriend or sister. Because today, my scene failed because the relationship at the heart of it failed. If the characters can't ignite on screen, how on Earth can an audience ever relate to the film, and enjoy watching it?

Moving swiftly on, I've now completed 19 pages of the "Aftermaths" script. Nineteen! Count them!!! The majority of which are up there with the best things I've ever written. The last few pages though...I don't know about. Maybe tomorrow after a night's sleep, I'll return to the script with a better eye, and remove all of the cancerous spores once more, and end up with a script I absolutely love and admire.

And then (and only then) I'll have a script worthy of being made into a film...
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