Monday, 18 September 2006

Does Perfect Actually Exist?

So, at long last, "Aftermaths" draft two has been completed. And guess what - I'm anything but happy with it.

I'm a perfectionist, and like to have the best possible script. So, that's why I'm sat here right now fretting over the draft script; because it isn't perfect, and I so desperately want it to be. I've spent such a long time on this script now (looking back I had my first ideas way back in June 2006) and I so desperately want it to be great. And I'm not going to stop until it's just that.

Which means I've got a lot of work to do on the film in the next couple of weeks. As far as I see it now, here's a quick rundown of things I've got to do before filming can actually begin:

~ Meet with the film's director (who shall remain nameless, because he wants it that way!). Together we'll discuss what we want from the film, and make a list of potential crew members.

~ Gather the crew together. Only then can we have a big, proper meeting about how we're going to make "Aftermaths".

~ Auidition cast members. We've got six characters, and we have to find the right actors for all of them.

~ Hire the equipment needed. So basically, we'll be raiding college's supplies.

~ Storyboarding; if I learnt one thing from "April 3rd" it's that there's no such thing as too much preperation.

Oh, andf along the way, re-writes will be taking place. But lets forget about that for now (well, I say that now, but in mere minutes I'll begin rewriting the script locked away in my bedroom. Oh the glamour!). The pre-production process is about to begin, and that means one thing:

The film is about to be born.
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