Tuesday, 19 September 2006

The Last Words of Laura Pope

Before I start, here's a few statistics:

"Aftermaths" draft one was 40 pages long.

"Aftermaths" draft two was 31 pages long.

And so far, a long way from completetion, draft three is 22 pages long. And that numbers going to fall.

I'm at the stage where I edit out the bad (some would say terrible) bits of my script; the scenes that are not exactly needed. Take today's work - I've already jetisoned nine pages of script, and I'm only a third of the way through!

One scene of particular importance that was today chopped quite heavily was the opening sequence, where Laura Pope (the nicest girl on the planet, apperently) is killed. Up until today, the scene has been gloriously long, with loads of dialogue thrown in for good effect. But you know what? All that's gone now. I've chewed the fat, and spat it back out. Somebody pointed out a better way to me, and I embraced it with open arms.

Now, the death scene is short and sweet - and dialogue free. Laura Pope doesn't even get any last words in it now! She remains speechless throughout, and it's all the more chilling for it. We're introuced to this fantastic character, and in a second, she's taken from us again. Like the other characters, we mourn her passing, and desperately want her back. And if that doesn't some up what it's like to mourn; what "Aftermaths" is all about, then I don't know what does.

So. 22 pages. I'm trying to get the script down to just 20, or even better, 15. I'll see you here tomorrow to find out if my little dream comes true.
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