Sunday, 17 September 2006

A State of Limbo

The past week or so, I've been sooooooooo busy - and I've loved every second!

From settling back into college, to applying to university, I've done it all, and time's just flown by. Of course, the thing that's taken up most of my time is script writing. My current script "Aftermaths" is now near completion after almost a month of me working on it, and this time next week, the script will be complete at last. And that's the worst thing in the world.

It's hard letting go of something you've become so attached too. I remember the last day of editing "April 3rd". It was a strange experience finally letting go of the film - so much so that I kept finding new bits to edit, to prolong the goodbye! But for "Aftermaths" it's going to be particularly hard, because once the script is finished, and out there for people to read, so is the secret. People will know who killed Laura Pope at last, and a little of the magic will die.

Though I'm nearing completion of the "Aftermaths" script, filming is about to get under way. I'm hoping to have my first meeting with the film's director this week, and get together all of the other crew members too. Then we can all move forward, and actually get down to the best bit of film making: the filming.

At last.

And as all that's going on, I'm going to be preparing my next script, one that hopefully I myself will be directing around mid-October/November. I've been preparing the idea ever since I began writing "Aftermaths", and it's almost completly plotted out now. I still feel it's a bit early to reveal any details about the script, but I will tell you this; it's completely different to either "April 3rd" or "Aftermaths". And you're all going to love it. Rock on!

Hopefully, I'll post again tomorrow, when the second draft of "Aftermaths" is completed, and the script editing process begins. Who knows; this time next week, we could have a completed script. Until then...
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