Sunday, 24 September 2006

Tomorrow Is a New Day

Well, I failed. I failed to meet the deadline that I set myself for the "Aftermaths" script.

I told myself at the start of the month that I would have the script complete by 21st September, ready for filming to begin at the very start of October. The sad fact is, I couldn't quite do it, and now I'm behind in my writing. But only by a little.

There's just one last scene for me to write on "Aftermaths" (the very last one, where we confront the killer of Laura Pope. The most important scene in the film!!!) and after that, I'm done. Apart from a little polishing of the script before filming begins, the Aftermaths script will be complete - and that means my basic job will be complete.

Though it does say on the titles of "Aftermaths" that I am the film's producer, at the end of the day, I have very little left to do aside from sitting back and watch the film be made. So, in effect, I'm ready to move onto my next project.

At long, long last.

Since the very first day of writing Aftermaths, I've known what my next script will be. I like to forward plan, to ensure that my next film is ready to be written when the current film concludes. So, I already have a map in my mind for the next film, and I don't think it's giving much away to say it's called "Shiny Happy People".

"SHP" is stylistically a million miles away from anything I've ever done before; and that excites me. It keeps me on my feet, and doesn't let me become too complacent in my writing. The day I become boring and predictable in my writing is the day I die. Or join the writing staff of Heartbeat. Either way, it's my goal to make "SHP" as different from Aftermaths as possible - and that's a job and a half.

Over the next month or so, I'll talk more and more about Shiny Happy People and it's developement; but for the moment, getting Aftermaths on screen is my top priority. That particular film has so much potential, and I can't ait for that to be realised on screen.

The truth behind who killed Laura Pope is ready to be revealed...
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