Tuesday, 23 January 2007

Exam Season's Almost Over!

Hooray! It means one thing; this time tomorrow, I'll be free to do whatever I want to again. At the moment I feel so restricted by college life. Something as mundane as watching television suddenly makes me feel incredibly guilty, as I can't help but think "hmm, surely my time would be better spent on revision". I hate to say it, but revision is the last thing I want to do - so the sooner it's finished, the better!

Man, I sound so dreary - so moving on as fast as I possibly can, I spent today's Film lesson watching a number of short films (including Christopher Nolan's student film, "Dooble Bug"). One of my favourites though was called, simply, "Eight" by Stephen Daldry, the man behind "Billy Elliot". I enjoyed the subtext of a post-Hillsborough child growing up without his father, and found the whole thing truly inspiring and fascinating.

It's films like that, set firmly in Britain - with a British cast/crew - that really motivate me to make my own films. And talking of which, things are starting to move on the film front again.

Despite me no longer wanting to actually film it, I've decided to continue writing the "Fear Itself" script; and complete the job I started. Just because I'm no longer using it for the film asignment doesn't mean I'm going to let a good idea go down the drain. I expect work to resume on it in the coming weeks.

Jack Porter's "Feet" film fascinates me; and confusses me at the same time. How on Earth can we expect to make a film about people's feet - but not only that, but make it decent too? One thing's for sure though; I'm not giving up on my friend, and I'll stick with him till the very end.

Of course, that doesn't mean I can't explore my own ideas though. Walking today I came up with a neat little idea (totally unlike something I'd ever do!) that I think would work as an experimental film. It's called "Self" and will explore the inner most thoughts of somebody my own age - and if it comes off it should be a real rollercoaster of a ride.

I'm only at the planning stages for "Self" yet, but I want it to be an essentially 'easy' film to make - with minimal cast and crew needed. Hopefully I'll start work on it at the weekend, and I'll report back my findings here asap.

And... well, I'll just shut up now, shall I? I've rambled on enough for one day and, besides, Shameless is coming on in a couple of minutes, and I hate missing the first couple of minutes of a programme. Does my knackers in, I tell ya!

Till next time then, adios from me - and think of me tomorrow morning sitting my final exam.
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