Saturday, 20 January 2007

I'm Back Baby (So Be Warned)

This very post shouldn't be happening. Way back in November, I announced the death of "Timespotters"; a moved prompted by my all new, kick ass Film 21 - an internet resource, I told myself, which would fulfil all my daily blogging needs, and push the limits on what Timespotters once did (i.e report my day to day life). Only it didn't work out like that.

Now, I'm not saying Film 21 isn't great ('cos it is!) but it hardly allows me to report personal details about my life. It's a film site, and not a diary - and at times, a diary is what I need most of all. So, I thought a return to what I knew best would be great. Timespotters is back, living in full harmony side-by-side with Film 21.

Hopefully I can use this place to report aspects of my life that aren't exactly appropriate to talk about on Film 21 (a site dedicated to film and television alone, if you didn't know). So, expect reports on my graphic novels, my ever growing (and fantastic) relationship with my too-good-for-me girlfriend, and anything else that'll crop into my mind!

As I've said - the diary is back; hence the reason I've cut back on all the excess of the previous Timespotters site. We've a brand spanking new name (cos "House of Garnon" rules, okay?) and a lot of the previous side column headings have vanished over night. But this is still the site you grew to love; all about Anthony Garnon...

...For better or worse!

Welcome back guys and girls. It's my pleasure to be writing.
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