Sunday, 21 January 2007

The Worst Week...

So, I've just come out of an appallingly bad week - full of exams and coursework and not getting to see my girlfriend Katie once. Bugger.


On the upside, things are looking up on the script front. Now the majority of my exams over (with just one more written exam this Wednesday) I can focus more time on what i love doing best - writting new worlds, and creating exiciting new scripts.

I'm currently about a quarter of the way through a script called "Fear Itself". It's a piece of film coursework that I'll hopefully get to film over the next month or so - and explores the idea "what goes through our head when we're knocked down; and what specifically is it that makes us want to stand back up again and fight?". Ah, yes, and it's surreal.

Surrealism - or as I like to call it 'do whatever the hell you like". It's a freedom to explore the inner most thoughts within my mind, and have a great time doing so. There's not as many restrictions on the format for a surrealist film, and as a writer this gives me such freeom to write whatever I want!

My only current problem is getting the thing made. Lets just say that it looks like I'm about to have 'technical difficulties' with a friend of mine whom I had hoped to work with. He basically doesn't like the fact that I've created 75% of the film myself - and resents that I didn't get him involved in proceedings much earlier on.

What he doesn't realise though is that film is a collaberative process, and just because I've wrote the script doesn't mean that there's nothing left for him to do. There's L-O-A-D-S more; including storyboarding, production planning, filming, editing, etc. The script is - and always should be - merely a starting point.

Anyways... tomorrow sees the start of a brand new week. Hopefully it'll see me complete the "Fear Itself" script, and maybe - just maybe - I'll do some more work on the "Aftermaths" script (which, fact fans, is now called "Beautiful, She"). My fingers are crossed.

Wish me luck - and have a great start-to-the-week!
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