Monday, 26 February 2007

I Just Love Mondays

The thing I love most of all by Monday - the start of a brand spanking new week - is the freshness it offers. After a rather dreary Sunday afternoon, the show shelves have been restacked with new produce, and things for the consumer inside of me to want to buy. Especially when it comes to brand new DVD releases.

Today was no different with me buying not only the all new Torchwood (Vol. Two) DVD, but also the films "Saw 2" and "Saw 3". Afterwards, whn I'm sitting at home I look at the DVDs and wonder why I spent so much money on such material objects. And then it hits me; who doesn't love a little escapism?

My girlfriend no doubt wonders what fasciantion DVDs hold for me. After all, what's so endearing about circular disks, that play the same movie over and over again? That's not the point - DVDs stand for something so much more. They show loyalty towards the specific brand brought (hence why Doctor Who fans are willing to buy the same stories that they already own on the VHS format) and are a neat little way of feeling 'involved' in the fictious universe that the film takes place in.

Look at the cult of fandom; we obsess about trival things because we care - we have a real love for the film or television series that we're investing in. It's a strange sort of childish thing then to want to continue buying the same DVDs - as if we want to maintain this link to the pas, and enjoy things that we've already enjoyed. It's almost as if we can't quite let go of what we're seeing.

DVDs aren't a bad thing; not at all. They show a real love, and caring, for whatevr it is that the consumer perchaises. And that's why I love Mondays - because there's always new choice; so much more to invest in. So much more to care for, and love. Over and over again.

Don't ever knock fans - because they care more than you ever probably could.
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