Wednesday, 14 February 2007

My Dirty Dancing Valentine's

Many moons ago, my girlfriend Katie confessed a love of the film "Dirty Dancing"; citing that, as a dancer, she loves the rythm of the film and everything about it. More recently, she told me her desire to watch the film at the cinema; but we'd missed a charity screening by a couple of days, and I couldn't make her dream a reality. Until now.


For a couple of weeks ago, I saw - on the off chance - that a local cinema was playing the film (which is 20 years old this year) for a one off special Valentine's Day performance; and I leapt at the chance to take her and fulfill her dreams of seeing it at the cinema.

Truth is, I'll do anything for that woman. She's amzing in every possible way, and I love her to bits. We've now been dating for an incredible 14 months, and we've grown so close over the course of that time. I now feel like we understand one another so completely, and it's fair to say that it's true love. Oh yes. For those of you who don't believe in the concept, I have to tell you that you're wrong; as what me and Katie have is without a doubt the truest form of love their is. And I can see myself marrying her, and having a real future together. She's my everything, and I love her.

Which is why I was so keen on getting those "Dirty Dancing" tickets; because I wanted to see her smile, and share her passion of dancing. She really does love moving those hips (on a dancing sense!) and it's an honour to hear her talking about the subject. It's never boring; but always fascinating. Katie really knows her stuff, and is a superb dancer (that's how I met her in the first place!) and she's opened up a whole new world for me - and one I'm so keen to explore for not only my sake, but her own. *smiles*

The film was pretty good fun actually, and I was surprised to find myself toe tapping to certain scenes (thanks to the excellent soundtrack). What made the experience for me, however, was being their with Katie - and sharing the experience with her. As we drove home, she was talking about the film none stop, and I couldn't help but chuckle.

Because I'd got what I wanted. I'd taken her to the cinema to see "Dirty Dancing" and she's left the screening smiling. As a boyfriend, I couldn't have asked for more.

Happy Valentine's Day 'baby'. I love you more than anything.

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