Tuesday, 6 February 2007

Silent Movie

I'm currently halfway through writing "Self" - since the last time I posted here, the devlopment on the film has come on leaps and bounds. I've solidified my ideas, and at last got some sort of decent closure. In all respects then, all that's left to do is storyboard and then film.

However, I'm still missing my dialogue. Throughout the script, I've skipped writing down the dialogue because - as I've said dozens of times before - it's something I'm appallingly bad at.

Anyroads, my film uses narration (much like my previous effort "April 3rd") so I can afford to spend a little longer working on the actual dialogue. I can (in theory anyway) film the film sequences and add the speech on later on. So i'm sorted! (If only it were that simple...)

In other developments, I'm planning on starting work on my comics "Assassin" and "Darkened Avenue" again real soon. I know, i know I've been promising myself just that for months now, but I mean it this time. I love those comics (or if you're ashamed of the term, 'graphic novel') and it's about time I did them both justice and continued with their legacy.

I've also been given a new asignment in theatre studies. In March I've got to perfom in an adaption (in the very loosest sense) of William Shakespeare's "A Midsummer's Night Dream". If I'm honest, it's not a task I'm particularly looking forward to; as i'm not exactly the biggest fan of the Baird.

So, I've got a busy time ahead of me.

Which, frankly, I love!
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