Tuesday, 20 March 2007

Dear, Dear "Old Friends"

It feels like a weight's been lifted off of my back. I've *finally* finished an issue of "Assassin" that I've been writing since October 2006. Called 'Old Friends' the issue is the third episode in the series' third season - and it feels like an eternity that I've been working on it for. A lot of things like college work, or drama plays, or even "Self" have eaten up much of my time and prevented me from working on the script; so it was nice to finally get a chance to finish it off for good!

I've got another five issues left of "Assassin" volume three - but I'm not worried, cos last night I put the final touches to planning the series out. I really should get a move on and finish it off though - after all, I started work on the current series almost one year ago now (19th April to be exact). But good things come to those who wait and all...

I've also got a short film to be getting on with over Easter time. I've made a decision to work on "Class of 2007" first, and once work on that is complete then - and only then - actually begin work on my other script, the annoyingly cool titled "Cigarettes and Paranoia" (what do you mean stop blowing my own trumpet?!? This is my site!!!) I bet you anything that things don't work out as simple as that though...

Things never do, do they? Take today, when I let one of my friends down at college. He asked me to participate in a "debating club" because he was one member too short - only I refused, fearing that I'd lose confidence in front of others. So my friend went ahead and asked somebody else, and only afterwards I decided that I wanted to do it. But it was too late! Literally, it was a Homer Simpson moment with me sighing a great big "D'oh!"

Right, I'm off to complete another issue of "Darkened Avenue". I'm almost as behind on that series as I am on "Assassin". Note to one's self; must work better on those deadlines! I'll end up like Kevin Smith on "Daredevil: Father" at this rate! Musn't keep the readers waiting (even if, strictly speaking, I have no readers right now!)

Adios for now folks - and remember not to let things get on top of you (unless you like it that way of course... Hey, I'm not judging!!!)
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