Friday, 9 March 2007

Flaming Devil's Hair

First things first; I need a hair cut. No seriously. You see though my hair isn't exactly long-ish (per se) when it gets to the length it's at now, it grows wildly out of control, and stand on ends all over the place - to such an extent that no matter how much water, or gel, or whatever I apply it doesn't help matters. My hair stills stick up towards the back of my head; creating a very creepy "devil's horns" effect at the back of my head. Needless to say, that's not my desired effect.

My hair's been an important part of my drama 'career' over the past couple of years. A number of years ago I starred in an adaption of the RSC's "Beauty and the Beast" playing the role of Jean Luis, Beauty's father. For the part I grew my hair for six months, because I wasn't interested in playing the role with a wig. I wanted my performance to look authentic - and it may sound slightly pathetic now, but I hoped growing my head would achieve this and allow me to method act to a far more convincing style.

It's funny what we do for art, isn't it? Like another sacrifice I made recently during the film of "Self", which involved me wearing the same clothes for two week's straight. Still, at least I washed them every night. Would have got really smelly otherwise, don't ya think?

Looking back, I have no regrets about making sacrifices for the roles I play. That shows a real dedication to the cause, and dediacation is one of the very best qualities a man (or woman) can offer. When I take on any role (whether it be acting or writing) I dedicate 110% of myself to the cause - because that way, I know in my heart I'm making the very best of my ability.

There's no greater crime than to sit back and do nothing, when you know you have it in you to do something. We should always try in life. Try as hard as we can. Only then will we get done all those impossible things that beforehand filled us with dread. That's what life is about; challenging ourselves, and doing something with our lives.

So show dedication. Become dedicated. And marvel at other people's dedication.
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