Monday, 5 March 2007


Ever since I was a tiny, tiny baby I've had a real problem with accepting when I'm wrong. I figure it's a male pride issue - but I can't ever seem to come to terms with the fact that I'm not always right. More often than not, it's a fact that hinders me, and offers me no real advantage in the way that i live my life.

Over the past week, as I've been editing my "Self" film (which is at last complete - hoorah!) I've only had myself to deal with. I've had no quarrels with anybody else, because I've not needed to. Working alone, I've been free to do whatever the hell I want; whenever I want to. I'm a free man, and as such, one that's always right. Right?

Try telling that to my girlfriend, for this week we had a little quarrel ourselves (don't worry, it was minute in size, and nothing to worry about) but still, I kept repeating over and over that I was in the right. Afterwards, on my own, I thought about it and realised for the first time that I wasn't. Well, certainly not 100% anyway.

What my girlfriend had said was correct, and I should have listened more. As a male, it's so very hard for me to accept that, you know. That I was wrong. But I must, because that's what adult life is all about - facing obstacles and overcoming them. For my own sake, and my girlfriend's too, I apologised - because I was wrong, and sacrificed my pride.

Because sometimes, it's great to be right - but it's how we accept our wrong doings that define us. Don't ever let failures defeat you - we can't all be winners 100% of the time.
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