Tuesday, 27 March 2007

Shakespeare's Dead...

...Long live Shakespeare! Yep. Yes. Yeah. My performance has now been and gone, and looking back its hard to see what I was even nervous about in the first place. All it took was one long day yesterday rehearsing the play over and over... and over and over. Seriously, we got to a point where all we wanted to do was kill one another, the frustration was that high.

For one member of the acting group, thing's got a little too much and he went a little OTT during the end of rehearsals - and showed the rest of us a part of his body that I'd rather not bring up here. I mean, ew! Put it away dude - there's just two possible places that that could go, and not one of them is infront of me!

All in all, the performance was average-y. If that's even a word. If it's not, good - I just invented a new piece of lexis, and I don't care! I messed up a number of lines, but the dynamics between characters was never better. The audience seemed to lap up the piece,and clapped a good few times before the end. Or perhaps they hated it, and were just trying to clap us off slowly. We shall never know!

For the next couple of days I can rest a little, and enjoy not doing anything at all - hey Britain's 1.1 million umemployed can't be wrong! I've got a number of scripts waiting to be written, and a magazine article that is so incredibly close to its deadline that if I don't write it in the next two days, it'll never be published (maybe I should start that, huh?) Aside from that, "Darkened Avenue" issue 26 still lacks a conclusion - which should be fun. Man, I love writing; and am so glad I'm no longer acting!

Right, I'm off and away. "Life on Mars" is about to start on BBC One and I can't miss it - there's two weeks left to the grand finale and I can't wait to see how it all ends. I'm off to "The Producers" on Friday with the girlfriend to see Peter Kay in action. A part of me is so relieved it's not me up on that stage. I wasn't ever cut out to be an actor - FACT!

From now on, I'm concentrating on writing 100%
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