Sunday, 1 April 2007

April Fools (Or Not)

I've never been good with jokes - ask anybody who's ever met me. I've got a very strange and drysense of humour, which a lot of people fail to understand. I try to hard to make my jokes interlectual and "deep" but all that happens is that they are literally lost in translation - and I'm made to look like the world's least funniest man. After Russell Brand, naturally.

For the last five or six April Fool's Days I haven't even bothered making an attempt at a joke, because I figured that nobody would ever fall for it,or be taken in by what I'm saying. Missed opportunities, I tell ya! All those chances I had, and I let each and every one slip through my fingers. How can my joke telling improve, if I don't even try?!?

This year I was detirmined to make at least one April Fools - but couldn't quite think of what to do to pull the feat off. Then it came to me, of course! What's the one thing I do more than any other (becareful what you say here!). The answer... blogging of course! So I set out to prank my blog readers, and you can read the results here.

But even my readers saw through my prank - but you know, I don't care. Because the past few weeks have shown me something; you can care what other people think a little too much. As long as I'm happy, and content with myself it shouldn't really matter if other people laugh at the jokes I tell - just as long as I never stop telling them.

Have a great April Fools (if that's possible!)
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