Monday, 16 April 2007

Back to the Madhouse

I'm back to college after a fortnight away, and nothing's changed. The student's are as mad and abrass as ever, and the teachers wish they were anywhere else. Not to worry, as there's only five more weeks to go until the exams and I can turn my back on the place and for all. Can't say I'll particularly miss it.

After all, I've only been here two short years, and haven't had a chance to meet that many new friends. The first think you should know is that there's two kinds of people at Holy Cross, the geeky (too clever for their own good) and the snobby (who, naturally, think they're better than everybody else). That's why it's hard to care for anybody - because I see nothing of myself in anybody else there.

The friends I have made are a rare sort of people, whom I admire for being different. They don't always see the need to follow the crowds and are their own people. I respect that. Different is good (if you give it a chance). Sometimes you'll meet the very best people if you just look past initial outwardly appearences.

So, when I leave Holy Cross it'll be these people I remember most - people who've taken the time to actually listen to a fellow nutjob like myself, and contribute to my daily life. They've all earned my trust and respect over the past two years, and it's them - and them alone - that I'll miss most of all.

Friends indeed.
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