Monday, 9 April 2007

Bank Holiday Mania

Bank Holidays are the pinicle of bad days - boring old national holidays with all the shops closed, and endless repeats on the television. There's absolutely nothing to do (and you think I'm exaggerating?) Literally, I spent most of today stuck in my house - but you know what? For a change I had a fantastic day. This Bank Holiday was different.

You see, I spent the day with my girlfriend; the mostbeautiful and wonderful girl I ever did see. Time with her is so precious that alreadyI'm missing her company, and she's only been gone an hour! That's how much of a lasting impression she makes.

Honestly, I believe she's got the best personality of anybody I've ever met. She's just brilliant, and though she'd insist otherwise she's incredibly funny, and clever, and so so much more. But I'll shut up now, or risk making any stray readers currently reading this blog post feel 100% sick. Sorry! (But she's great!)

I'm actually not feeling too great today - my head's spinning and I'm running a bit of a fever. I just know that I won't be able to sleep tonight, meaning I'll be all grumpy and such tomorrow. Dammit! It has to happen in my holidays doesn't it? I get ill, and sickly, and by the time I'm better it'll be back to back.

I'm damned; and not just because it's a bank holiday.
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