Friday, 6 April 2007

Comic Book Wonders

Last night I completed issue 26 of Darkened Avenue - which apart from being two months in the making is the third of a six part story strand. There's something extremely satisfying about writing comic books (or 'graphic novels') and it all comes down to the pedigree of writers who have had an influence upon me.

Firstly there's Grant Morrison, who proves everyday that a Brit can triumpth within the American industry. His "New X-Men" comics are some of the best plotted adventures around, and demonstrate just how well long running arcs can run. After all, who expected Xorn to turn out to be... No, I won't spoil it for you!

Another major influence is Joss Whedon, the current writer of "Astonishing X-Men", "Runaways" and the "Buffy season eight" comic. His writing happens to be some of the funniest and most original work out there. The fact that he can breath new life into the 40 year old X-Men franchise, in much the same light as Morrison before him, proves how great an imagination the man has.

Joss has gone on record a number of times t talk aboutthe process of writing, and has released several Buffy and Angel scriptbooks. It honestly gives me a fascinating insight into the lives of a writer, and inspires me every day - just like Doctor Who used to when I was wee high. You can find out more about how a Joss Whedon comic is constructed here.

That's the thing that people forget; writing comics is hard. Take Darkened Avenue 26 - which I had writer's block on for almost two months. Even when I did resume writing again, the first couple of pages were an awkward mess - and I'm deathly un-proud of them. But that's the thing that all writers must accept - some days you'll be better than others.

You just have to strive to be the best as often as you can.

Bring on issue 27 though - it promises to be an action packed rollecoster and I can't wait to start writing it (but I've no time free today!) Lets hope it doesn't take another two months of my life to get it complete, hey?!?
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