Monday, 2 April 2007

Fatty Fat Easter Eggs

Right now, sitting here, I have two weeks of freedom - where I can do whatever I like, whenever. For it's Easter, and the holidays have started already - and I can at last get that rest and relaxation that I've longed for over the last couple of months (since Christmas really). The big question; what to do with my time?

Assassin / Darkened Avenue
Yep. Still. After more than twelve months of writing, I'm still slaving away on those damn graphic novels - and really have fallen behind on them. Lucky thing they're not being published, or I'd have been sacked because of the overdue-ness of these things by now! I could spend the holidays writing them; but they're not exactly the best thing for me to be getting on with, are they?!?

Cigarettes and Paranoia
On the otherhand, this is perfect to be writing right now; because if I finish it before the summer exams are over, there's a possibility that I *could* film the script. Which would be cool. Oh, and btw I've worked out a mega cool ending to this short film - which blows away everything I did on either "April 3rd" or "Self"...

Holy Cross 101
My "montage" film - could do with a better title, mind...

There's also numerous other projects I could make a start on; books to read; college work to conclude; and a girlfriend to see. In theory this could be the busiest two weeks of my life - and I'll be damned if, two weeks from now, I write about how I wasted them.

Two weeks, to do whatever I want. But I won't waste them.
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