Wednesday, 4 April 2007

Lets Talk Chairs

So, it's Easter and I'm bored already. Well, that's what Easter is famous for after all (that, and Jesus nailed to the cross - but lets not discuss religion here!) I've set myself a little challenge, to keep my mind occupied over the next couple of weeks - to write at least one blog post right here every single day.

I spend half of my online life on bloggeranyway; discussing Torchwood or Sarah Jane Smith, or whatever. But they're easy, because I've actually got something to say - news to pass onto my readers. Here it's different. For a start, I haven't actually got any readers to pass anything onto. Which would be a start. Bugger...

My life sometimes is one spiralling mess, that I have no control over. Sometimes I'm so busy, and wrapped up in doing things that I've no time to do anything else that I so love to do. Well, today isn't one of those days. Today's the opposite - it's a day where I've done absolutely nothing at all, and deseperately wish I had.

Well, far enough I've been to twon and bought the latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine (it's a great read, honest 'guv!) but that hardly fills me up with a warm, fuzzy feeling of fulfillment does it? It's time that I face facts and admit that I've wasted a day by doing absolutely nothing at all - which kinda makes writing this blog even harder. What to talk about?!?

It sounds silly, but I've got a new chair. Wait one second, and hold off before you laugh, because the chair's important. To me anyways. For I've never had a chair in my bedroom, and more often than not I write sitting on the bedroom floor. It's uncomfortable, and I expect highly unhygienic - and, well, not the most professional writing method I've heard.

Which is why I thought buying myself a chair at last would be good for the soul- getting myself out of the bad habit of writing on a dirty, food stained carpet (no really, I drop food everywhere!). Now I can sit at my computer desk and write away; something that I've never done before! Whilst doing it, I feel highly professional all of a sudden, as if I've become a *proper* writer overnight!

Pathetic maybe, but writing on a chair is a whole new discipline. It's exciting and -dare I say it -a little fun, because it's got me out of writing on the floor - a daily routine that wasn't doing myself or my back any favours. I dunno, things just feel different now, and sitting on that chair all through Monday I was producing some of the best writing I've ever made.

The chair gives me a groove and a rhythm that I lacked before. You can laugh it off, but the chair's 100% responcible for that change in my writing. So thank you chair - not only for all those things, but for actually giving me something to talk about today.

For that, I'm eternally grateful.
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