Tuesday, 17 April 2007

"I'd Like To Thank..."

It's business as usual back at college, and coursework has once again become an issue. It's that big, fat, ugly English work - once more on the horizon, waiting to be written. But I don't care because it'll be the last damn English coursework I ever have to do. I keep telling myself that all I have to do is survive the next couple of weeks, and I'm free forever!

I have got a reason to celebrate though, as my Film teacher has announced that there's going to be a college "Oscars" evening on May 3rd - and "Self" will be a contender for the awards. I doubt I'll actually win anything, because having seen some of the other films produced by my classmates, they're all mighty impressive - and a small film like "Self" stands no chance up against those giants!

If I was to win though it'd be a huge achievement for me cos "Self" started out as a very private film. Since other people watched it last month, it's gained a life of its own, having hit a chord with the people who've seen it. I would say "I couldn't be prouder" but then that would be lying; because I recognise the faults I've made with "Self" and am hopefully going to ammend it with my next film script.

Talking of which, "Cigarettes and Paranoia" is shaping up nicely as the maturest script I've ever written. There's a complicated message atits heart, and it's not an easy film to understand. It requires its audience to be actively thinking about what's going on (which I love). There's nothing worse than a passive audience in my honest opinion.

I've written the first two pages of script, and re-reading over them my spine tingles because I can't believe I wrote it! It's a million miles awayfrom any of my previous works, but then again that's a good thing. I've had enough of writing films featuring narrators and terrorist bombers! This new script is just about two average people, who happen to meet by chance.

So I've got that to be getting on with this week, as well as that ugly English work. Oh, and my magazine article is printed (maybe released) at the end of the week - so that should be fun. On top of all that I've got my two graphic novels to continue writing, and exams to revise for. It's a busy old time for Anthony Garnon - but then again, I wouldn't have it any other way!
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