Saturday, 7 April 2007

Saturday Night (and Day) Fever

Sarurday's always been an important day for me (mostly cos it's the weekend; and free from work commitments!) Ever since I was a child there's been something magical about the day. It's a magic that no other day of the week has, and by Wednesday every week, I find myself counting down the days until the next Saturday finally arrives.

Years ago (and by that, I'm implying ages has passed...) Saturday night used to have the best television. Ever. There were gems of programmes - who didn't love Casualty before it became all soapy and predictable? Even up until the early 2000's we had the likes of Jonathan Creek to enjoy; but that's mostly all gone now - replaced by the likes of "Greese is the Word" and "The X Factor". Oh dear.

There's is one form of salvation for Saturday night television - and it comes in the form of Russell T Davies' Doctor Who - which is the best family drama in decades (I don't care if a large number of the adult fanbase knock it on internet forums; it's always been a show for kids as well as grown ups) It's one of the only shows (bar Life on Mars) which I actively look forward to watching on a weekly basis.

But Saturday's brillant for another reason too; for it's the one day of the week I'm guarenteed to see my girlfriend Katie. The two of us have so busy lives that it's hard for us to meet up every day of the week. So Saturday always brings a smile to our faces. I can't wait for the day (soon please!) when we move in together, and every day becomes like Saturday.

The day is an all round family day. It's the day I visit my dad most frequently, and we'll talk and watch a few DVDs. Me and my dad have a lot in common (which helps any relationship I guess!) and I think if I've got my love of Saturdays off of anybody, it's him. I can remember him and mum taking me into town when I was little - and I'd love every second of it.

You could say Saturday's my holy day (despite me being an aethest!) It's the day where the best me of all pokes his head up, and says hello to the world. Of all the days of the week I love none more than Saturday itself.

And now I'm going off to enjoy every second of it.
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