Tuesday, 10 April 2007

So, Is There Life On Mars?!?

After almost 18 months of pondering, I finally got an answer before - to a question that's bugged me for an eternity. Just why is Sam Tyler stuck in 1973?!? Is he mad, or in a coma, or has he actually gone back in time? Big questions, and ones that "Life on Mars" wasn't afraid to tackle head-on.

The series ended last night, but on a rather mystical note. Sam finally got back home (or did he?) and decided that it wasn't the place for him - and subsequently committed suicide to return himself back to 1973. Much like The Prisoner's final episode "Fall Out" the audience weren't handed answers on a plate, and had to do a little thinking of their own.

It's a reason why Life on Mars will live on in the hearts of fans across the UK - it posed intriguing questions, and didn't offer easy solutions. The fact that we can ponder the conclusion ourselves without ever knowing a definite answer provides the series a longelity; because fans won't ever forget how the series affected them.

All this, and I watched with an absolutely splitting headache. I think I'm down with a bug, and right now my brain feels like it's being compressed down by my skull. Agony!

I'm gonna sleep a little and hope it makes a difference. Doubt it will, but still...
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