Monday, 30 April 2007

Spiraling Into Oblivion

I've been a busy so-and-so this past week, and the time feels like it's just flown by! I thought I'd update quickly on when and where I've been this past week...

Firstly filming started on "The Sarah Jane Adventures" and I had to keep on top of the rush of news on my site. It's not always easy keeping blogs on your favourite shows, because sometimes you just haven't got the time to update about them. I remember last October when Torchwood debuted; it was bloody murder updating every five minutes. Still, it's fun and I love doing it - and have no plans to stop.

Elsewhere, and I visited Manchester's Cornerhouse cinema for the very first time and watched a German film called "The Lives of Others". It's the story of an East German writer who's struggling under the harsh life of Soviet lead communism. Oh, and it won the Oscar for Best Foreign Film - and beat Pan's Labyrinth. If that doesn't make it worthy for your attention, I don't know what does!

Towards mid-week I had a little crisis of confidence. A woman posted on my Torchwood blog that my blog writing isn't up to scratch, and though I hate to admit it, sometimes she's got a point. I can be careless with spelling and such, and sometimes my blog posts are a little aimless - but thinking about what she said, you know what? I came to the conclusion I don't care. As long as I'm proud of these silly little things that I write, I don't anybody else to be.

Oh, I had a job interview! T'was a little daunting going inside, but the interviewee was very considerate and welcoming. I don't want to jinx anything by saying how I think things went, but my fingers are crossed that I get the job....

I really do need a job urgently. My money crisis (i.e. I'm poor) is getting beyond a joke now. What next? I'll be robbing from tramps on the street! Wish me luck - I'll get back to you on the progress whenever I hear any news!

That's about it really for my week. Not exactly the best week ever, but hey head up. Can't believe April's over already. My life is rapidly spiraling into oblivion! Before I know it, it'll be this time next week, and I'll be moaning about how crappy this week has been. Guess I'll see you then!
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